News 2020

Last updated:December 31th

31th of December

Yet another Birthday to celebrate, today is Yasmin´s 4 th Birthday!

...of course Isa´s bakery was open and delivered a cake for her (even on New Years Eve), Yummy!

Ch Yasmin Bint Battal Von Haussman

Photo from Skokloster Castle , Boxing Day 2020 by Anna Szabo

30th of December

Happy Birthday Falak 8 years old today

Ch Falak Bint Zulema Von Haussman

Photo from Skokloster Castle , Boxing Day 2020 by Anna Szabo



© Anna Szabo

The day we had snow 2020

This is a book written by Rebecca Govik about Anna Szabo´s charity project that she worked on this spring and summer.

We are so proud to be a part of this project and to have our afghanhound Ice on the cover is unbelievable.

Please read more about the book here.

We wish you a Merry Christmas as an end of a year we would rather like to forget


A Happy and Better New Year 2021.

© Anna Szabo

17th of October

Lure Coursing Competition in Söderhamn, SE

Judges: Tina Davidsson and Agneta Doverholt, SE.

Best Afghanhound and LC CAC

Ch Yasmin Bint Battal Von Haussman

Yasmin has shown that she is just not a beauty, she can also do what the breed originally was intendend for.


© C Magnusson

© L Strömberg

During this period of no dogshows we have been busy with buildning a new fenced area 2000 m2,

Yasmin has been training Lure Coursing and Mansur and Yasmin together with Elisabet has participated in

Ia Oshea handling classes.

Enrique and Falak


Mansur September 2020

Yasmin September 2020

8th of May

Photo session with Anna Szabo in Grisslehamn

pics on Yasmin and Mansur pages.

© Anna Szabo

© Anna Szabo

2nd of March

New photos of Mansur

14th of February

Welcome to Europe



Mansur Ebn Jaysito Von Haussman

© Teddy Li