#13 Dog of All Breeds in Sweden 1989

#1 Afghanhound in Sweden 1986

#1 Afghanhound in Sweden 1989

#1 Afghanhound in Sweden 1991

Int Nord S N Dk Fin Ch , SV -89

El Khyrias Never Say never Again

# 1 Afghanhound  in Sweden1986, 1989, 1991

 13th of September 1984 - 15th of April 1996

Sire: Ch Rahzmundah Psidium   Dam: Ch El Khyrias X-Hansia

Breeder. Kennel El Khyrias, Christina Jernberg


Rufus was my first show dog, always independent and proud, he drove me crazy the first two years.

He was very focused at the shows and it was impossible to play with him at the showgrounds.

 Rufus was not a big dog, but he had that special air of pride around himself, he was the leader of the pack, the King.





Sollentuna, Januari 1985.

New Nord CH, Uppsala SKK Show springtime 1986.


Lou Guerrero, Rufus and Madde at the Skokloster Sighthound Specialty Show 1995.